How To Promote Cost Per Action Sites On Craigslist

Promoting cost per action sites is a fun way to make easy money if you know what to do already. However, there are lots of people out there who don’t know what to do first let alone know what to do at all. This is why Craigslist is very important to pay attention to because you are already familiar with the site and you can use it to make money for you.

Before you can even think about promoting any CPA offer, you will need to join a CPA network. This is a very quick process so you all you have to do are just follow the instructions from the network, assuming you already no some. If you are not sure which network to join then you might want to consider a Google search for CPA networks?

Once you have joined the proper channels, then you will need to browse the programs and see which ones you can get join and promote right away. The main thing is to make sure you are promoting a program that is closely related to the category of choice on Craigslist. It’s preferable for you to join a program that is an exact match with the Craigslist category so you can minimize any issues with Craigslist.

Now let’s talk about Craigslist by itself. Now you have to be sure to abide by the rules of the site and/or the category of choice because you will get ghosted or flagged if you do this wrong.

The best way to promote on Craigslist is through anchor texts (Google it if you are not familiar). You can also use images and gifs online to link your site to. Depending on the category, you might not be able to use the affiliate link outright, even if you are using anchor texting.

If you are having trouble with the category, then you can just use a platform like blogger or build a splash page with a domain name just to make sure your basis is covered. Other than this, you should be able to use image and anchor texting to help your ads get through.

Again, you will need to make sure the ad matches the category and the site you are promoting so you can maximize on sales, leads or clicks. Once you get the hang of what Craigslist will let you or won’t let you do, you will do fine.

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