Low Cost List Building Techniques

Before we go any further, you should know two things by now, one is that a responsive customer/subscriber list is what glues all business together up to the very end, giving you multiple and steady streams of profit. And two, to build your list, you first need traffic, targeted traffic to be specific.

Here are some tips for low-cost or free list building techniques. In no particular order:

Participate In Forums
Not just answer other people’s questions and putting a URL of your website in your signature, but starting a form thread. Starting a forum can be a bit time consuming, but it’s one of the best free ways to brand yourself, and really get targeted people to be in your subscriber’s list.

Sharing Is Caring
Make a landing page (also known as ‘squeeze page’) with newsletter opt-in and freebies. Ask your visitors and readers to share it with their team, or to other people they think would be interested, and to their online friends.

Guest Post
You probably have heard this before, but are you really doing it? That’s the point. When you make a great guest post in a reputable blog, readers and avid followers of that blog are already sold on you.

Have A “Thank You” Page
Invest time and effort on how to properly leverage your “Thanks Your For Subscribing” Page. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

You can get a group of bloggers together and ask them to subscribe in your list in Thank You Page and tell them you’ll do the same for them.

Hold back
Your goal is to provide value and help people in their queries. Thus, you need to write good content. However, you don’t need to give everything for free, you should always make it a win-win situation for you and your target market. Write something like ’10 Steps To Dominate Search Engine’ of course you need to follow it up with – You won’t see any of it until you subscribe HERE.

People will help you in your campaign as long as they know they get something in return. This is where the importance of affiliates gets into the picture. Affiliates get bonuses for delivering leads, they can be a free copy of a product or a special report no one else can access.

Password Protect Your Posts
This is not about membership site, although you can make one as well.

What you need to do is protect your popular posts with password, or even better, some part of a post.

Of course you should tell your readers that they need subscribe to get their login details (password) so they can access the post. You can also make a special page that will show give them the password as soon as they subscribe.

There are tons of plug ins you can use for this, just type in “password protect” in your plugin directory and you can choose from the good ones.

And if you would like to learn more effective internet marketing strategies in depth, I know just the right resource for that.

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